Weifang Moore New Material Co., Ltd. (founded in 2017) is a private enterprise specializing in the operation of water purification agents and other chemicals. The company is located in the world's "kite capital"-Weifang, Shandong. Based on the domestic market and relying on Qingdao Port, our company actively develops import and export trade, which has developed into a business model in which domestic sales and exports go hand in hand and promote each other.

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White Poly Aluminum Features

White Poly Aluminum Featu

White polyaluminum (PAC)
It is a white or milky milk powder-like fine powder made by spray drying of aluminum hydroxide powder and high-purity hydrochloric acid. It can be easily melted when exposed to air.
1. High content of AL2O3, the content is 30% or more.
2. The salinity is low, only 50%, while the salinity of ordinary polyaluminum is about 90%.
3. Water insoluble matter is small, only 0.3%, while ordinary polyaluminum is more than 2%.
4. The color is white and pure. It does not contain any heavy metals except AL ions. After the product is turned into water,

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