White Poly Aluminum Features

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White polyaluminum (PAC)
It is a white or milky milk powder-like fine powder made by spray drying of aluminum hydroxide powder and high-purity hydrochloric acid. It can be easily melted when exposed to air.
1. High content of AL2O3, the content is 30% or more.
2. The salinity is low, only 50%, while the salinity of ordinary polyaluminum is about 90%.
3. Water insoluble matter is small, only 0.3%, while ordinary polyaluminum is more than 2%.
4. The color is white and pure. It does not contain any heavy metals except AL ions. After the product is turned into water, the aqueous solution is clear and transparent, without any color, while the ordinary polyaluminum aqueous solution is yellow or brown in color.
5. Low iron content, easy to dissolve at low temperature.
6. White polyaluminum has replaced aluminum sulfate as a neutral sizing precipitant for the paper industry.

Product Usage
1. It is mainly used for domestic drinking water, industrial water supply, oilfield refilling water, circulating water and various sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, papermaking sewage, steel plant sewage, etc.) treatment.
2. Papermaking sizing precipitant, sugar bleaching clarifying agent.
3. It is used in many fields such as tanning leather, medicine, cosmetics and casting.
Packaging and storage
1. This product is packed in a double-layer sealed package. The inner layer is a polyethylene plastic bag and the outer plastic woven bag. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.
2. This product is easy to absorb moisture and deliquescence. It is recommended to store in a dry, moisture-proof and well-ventilated place.

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