What are the characteristics of poly aluminum ferric chloride

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   Polyaluminum ferric chloride is a raw material for water treatment, and has the same water purification effect as other products. In addition, it has a more effective solution to high turbidity water, ultra-low temperature and low turbidity water than other clean seas. The product is much easier to use, and it also has the following characteristics.
    1. The amount of use is much smaller than that of traditional coagulant, and the clean water body is of high quality.
    2. The polyaluminum ferric chloride sloping plate sedimentation tank body produces quickly, settles quickly, and has a larger working capacity than traditional products.
    3. The amount of acidity and alkalinity used in the water is less, and the PH value of the effluent is less reduced.
    4. The polyaluminum ferric chloride solution has low insolubles and good light transmittance.
    5. The available PH value covers a wide range and can be applied in the range of 5.0-9.0.
    6. Strong adaptability to turbidity, acidity and alkalinity, and organic compound composition conversion.
    7. All kinds of quality standards of commodities are very heavy metal indicators exceeding the standard value, all relevant standards are considered.
    8. The amount of residual aluminum ore is low, and the water body meets the requirements of national industry standards after cleaning.
    9. The corrosion is small, and the powder equipment is very easy to melt, which is better than other industries.
    Because the characteristics of the source water are different, the application of polyaluminum ferric chloride should be based on different conditions. Adjust on the spot or make a measuring cup experiment to obtain a good application standard and dosage to achieve a very good solution to the actual effect.
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