Polyaluminum chloride composition measurement

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    The composition of polyaluminum chloride determines its purity and quality, and then determines the actual effect of its application. Therefore, people have a good grasp of the basic measurement method, and it will be certain for subsequent selection and application. Of assistance.
    Add acid to the test piece to depolymerize the test piece. Add too much solution of sodium dichloride and sodium tetrachloride to dissociate it with aluminum and other metal materials. Use the vaporized zinc red quasi-burette aqueous solution burette for the remaining disodium edetate. Then, the complexed aluminum ion was analyzed with an aqueous hydrating solution, and the disodium edetate was analyzed with a zinc chloride standard burette.
Profiling process
    Weigh 8.0-8.3g liquid test piece or 2.8-3.0g solid test piece, accurate to 0.0003g, dissolve with water, all move into 1000mL volumetric flask, tap water dilution to the scale, shake well. Pipette 50mL into a 25b250L Erlenmeyer flask, add 1mL of sodium cyanide aqueous solution (, boil for 1min. After cooling, add 50mL of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium solution (, then Use sodium acetate buffer solution ( to adjust H to about 3 (detected with high-precision DH pregnancy test paper), and boil for 2 min. After cooling, add 8mL of sodium acetate buffer solution ( and 2 ~ 4 drops of xylenol orange labeling solution (, and use zinc chloride standard burette aqueous solution ( burette until the aqueous solution changes from light yellow to The bright red is the terminal.
    Manufacturers will also measure the composition of polyaluminum chloride during the production process to ensure that the quality of the goods can meet the application requirements of customer needs. In addition, Weifang Moore New Materials Co., Ltd. must also remind customers to find reliable manufacturers when selecting commodities to ensure product quality and practical effects of application.
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