What is the standard of zwitterionic polyacrylamide?

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Common polyacrylamide has cationic, positive ion and non-inorganic compounds, but with the development trend of processing and manufacturing, the wastewater problem is gradually becoming more and more serious, so these three types are gradually becoming unsatisfactory. People's wastewater treatment, the new zwitterionic polyacrylamide will come into everyone's sight. Amphoteric polyacrylamide is a mixture of butadiene fluorobenzene and vinyl positive ion single acrylamide, hydrolysis reaction. The zwitterion irregular polymer with positive and negative charges on the molecular structure chain. Therefore, its application fields are very common, such as: pharmaceutical companies, tannery, printing and dyeing plant sludge, chemical plant sludge, paper mills, sewage treatment stations, etc.

Zwitterionic polyacrylamide

Zwitterionic polyacrylamide

Zwitterionic polyacrylamide contains positive ion group and cationic group because of its molecular structure. It has the application characteristics of general positive ion coagulant, and mainly shows more excellent characteristics. This type of coagulant can be used in a wide range of PH values, with higher water filtration flow rate, lower water content of anaerobic granular sludge, and can also be used to extract iron ore from strong alkali or from metal-containing materials Acquiring valuable metal materials from acid-base metal catalysts. The zwitterionic type is not a mixture of cationic type and positive ion type. If the positive ion polyacrylamide and cationic polyacrylamide are used in conjunction with each other, it will produce a reaction and cause settling. Therefore, zwitterionic commodities are more idealized.
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