Polyaluminum chloride has made a great contribution to environmental improvement

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The coagulant used in wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment is dominated by polyaluminum chloride. It has a vast territory in China and there are certain differences in water bodies across the country. Weifang Mohr New Material Co., Ltd. is a technical professional polyaluminum chloride manufacturer Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of precious work experience in the sewage treatment manufacturing industry. Before the application of polyaluminum chloride, solid products are melted into liquid according to 1: 3 release water, and then 10-30 times cold water dilution is added to the desired concentration value before application. The best PH value added is 3.5-5.0, and the best PH value is selected to add, which can give full play to the greater economic benefits of concrete. The dosage can be based on the different turbidity of the raw water, and the best dosage is measured. Generally, when the turbidity of the raw water is 100-500mg / L, the amount of mud per 100 tons is 10-20kg. When the turbidity of the raw water is high, the dosage is appropriately increased, and when the turbidity is low, the dosage can be appropriately reduced.

Polyaluminium chloride

Polyaluminium chloride

    Polyaluminum chloride is used as a polyhydroxy polynuclear positive ion inorganic polymer material coagulant. The appearance of solid products is yellow or white. When put in, it should quickly form a coagulant. Large aluminization, fast settling speed, can be integrated into various temperatures, good solubility, good specificity, no alkaline preservatives, wide adaptability to PH value, less erosion of pipeline industrial equipment, high efficiency, less application , High quality and low price, simple and clear practical operation, saving capital investment, widely used in wastewater, domestic water, industrial production water treatment, automatic liquid delivery, long-term application of non-clogging sewage pump tube. Polyaluminum chloride is also known as polyaluminum, the English name PAC, because of the railway bridge effect of hydroxide ions and the polymerization of polyvalent cations, it produces a large amount of inorganic polymer materials with high positive charge water treatment Agent. It can be divided into solid and liquid in shape. The solid state is divided into dark brown, beige, golden yellow and white according to different colors, and the liquid can be shown to be completely transparent, slightly yellow, light yellow to brown without color. Poly aluminum chloride with different colors is also very different in application and production process.

    Despite the late development of ecological and environmental protection in our country, according to the diligent efforts in recent years, all polyaluminum chloride manufacturers have replaced natural gas boilers, and the development trend of remediation while allowing industrial production to the environment Pollution is gradually decreasing, especially under the impetus of new technologies, and it shows a good situation in China's social and economic development. If everyone is careful, they will realize that the clear waters and green hills are coming, and the contribution of polyaluminum chloride to the improvement of the natural environment is very large.

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