The main characteristics of polyaluminum chloride

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Polyaluminum chloride is a kind of water treatment material, inorganic polymer material coagulant, also known as polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum, abbreviated as PAC in English, because of the railway bridge effect of hydroxide ions and multivalent cations It is a polymer water treatment agent with high content and high positive charge. It can be divided into solid and liquid in shape. The solid state is divided into dark brown, light yellow, orange yellow and milky white according to different color tones. The liquid can show no color, full transparency, light yellow, light yellow to brown. Poly aluminum chloride with different colors is also very different in application and production process.

Roller polyaluminium chloride

Roller polyaluminium chloride

    main feature:
    1. The inclined plate sedimentation tank body is formed quickly, with good specificity and good filterability.
    2. Don't add partial alkali modifier, if it is deliquesced, its actual effect will not change.
    3. Wide integration into PH value, strong adaptability, and its main purpose is universal.
    4. Less salt in the settled water.
    5. It can remove the environmental pollution of heavy metals and radioactive elements to water.
    6. The reasonable composition is high, which is conducive to storage and transportation.
    The basicity of polyaluminum chloride is the relative key index value in polyaluminum. It is very important for polyaluminium commodities of domestic water level. This specification is one of the key index values ​​for the production and operation of polyaluminum production lines. The lower the salinity, the higher the price, and each supplier can actually operate according to the specific conditions of the factory. In addition, different raw materials and different processing techniques produce different solutions of polyaluminum chloride. The basicity of the products is also different. This must be adjusted by the manufacturer. Due to the hazards of raw materials and other factors, the basic degree of polyaluminum chloride is generally between 40 and 95. For companies such as water supply companies that will stipulate low-basic commodities, there is generally no provision for the resolution of chemical wastewater.

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