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Roller polyaluminum chloride

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Product details:

[Main Features of Roller polyaluminum chloride]:

 Compared with other coagulants, this product has the following advantages:

1. Wide application range and wide adaptability to water.

2, easy to quickly form alum flowers, good precipitation performance.

3. The suitable pH value range is wide (between 5-9), and the pH value and alkalinity of the treated water decrease little.

4. When the water temperature is low, the stable precipitation effect can still be maintained.

5. The degree of alkalinity is higher than other aluminum and iron salts, and it has less effect on equipment erosion.

[Application range of Roller polyaluminum chloride]:

With the increase of people's requirements for water quality, our factory has developed methods based on the raw materials for monitoring the quality of raw water water, including high temperature and high erosion, low temperature and low corrosion, and algae and trace chemical substances. Polyaluminum chloride products: polyaluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride, ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, composite iron, etc.

[Method of using Roller polyaluminum chloride]:

In order to achieve the best flocculation effect and economic benefit, the user can determine the optimal dosage by experiment according to different raw water turbidity, different seasons and different pool shapes. Liquid products are formulated into a 5-10% aqueous solution, and solid products are formulated into a 3-5% aqueous solution (calculated based on the weight of the product). The higher the turbidity of the raw water, the more dilute the solution should be, increasing the dosage, and the better the flocculation effect.

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