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Poly Ferric Aluminum Chloride

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Polyaluminum ferric chloride (PAFC), which aggregates all the characteristics of inorganic polymer polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and polyferric chloride (PFC) into one, with special coagulation properties, so as to achieve the expected effect. Chemical formula: [AL2 (OH) nCL6-n] m. [Fe2 (OH) nCL6-n], where: n≤5, m≤10.

PAFC is also the best water treatment agent for inorganic polymers in China. The effect of treating various concentrations of water is quite good, and the amount is small. The amount is 50% less than the sulfuric acid of the same concentration and 10 times less than the polyaluminum chloride of the same concentration. %. High effects and low energy are mainly due to the high degree of polymerization of PAFC, because general iron salts and aluminum salt treatment agents can only generate AL (OH) 2+, AL (OH) +2, Fe (OH) 2+,

Fe (OH) +2 and other simple hydrolyzed hydroxyl ions, and PAEC itself is a pre-hydrated product of AL3 + and Fe3 +. In addition to generating the above-mentioned hydroxyl ions during the hydrolysis process, it can mainly generate a large amount of ionization degree. : AL4 (OH) 4 + 8, Fe4 (OH) 4 + 8, etc., to neutralize the charge of colloidal particles in water and compress the electric double layer. At the same time, a series of reactions such as hydroxyl bridging, crosslinking, and surface adsorption occur. Under the corresponding collision, it condenses into a large alum flower and precipitates rapidly.

This product uses high-quality aluminum hydroxide powder, bauxite, industrial hydrochloric acid as raw materials, refined with advanced equipment, scientific formula and unique technology. Our factory has complete testing equipment, strong technical force, good product quality, stability and reliability.

Features and applications
Product Features

 The appearance of this product is light yellow and yellow flake, and it is easily soluble in water. The liquid is light yellow, yellow-brown transparent liquid.

Under normal temperature, its chemical properties are stable, and it will not degenerate when stored for a long time. The solid particles are easy to absorb moisture, but it does not degenerate, non-toxic and harmless.

快 Fast response, large alum bloom, rapid sedimentation, and good filterability can improve equipment utilization, low consumption, and low water production cost.

Wide range of water pH, PH4-14, but the best treatment value range is 6-8.

Applicable to treat all kinds of drinking water sources and industrial water sources stipulated by the state, and the turbidity can be processed.

The removal and decolorization effects of SS, BOD, COD in water are higher than those of PAC treatment.

The efficiency of removing heavy metals such as arsenic, iron, manganese, silicon, fluorine, organic matter and algae in raw water is much higher than the treatment effect of PAC, which can improve the quality of drinking water.

Three, the use of polyaluminum ferric chloride

According to different conditions of raw water, you can do a small test before using to get the best dosage.

Production: solid: water = 1: 5. After mixing and dissolving, add a solution diluted to 2-3%.

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