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White polyaluminum

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Product details:

White polyaluminum is a white or milky milk powder-like fine powder made by spray drying processing of aluminum hydroxide powder and high-purity hydrochloric acid. It will melt when exposed to air.

Compared with ordinary polyaluminum, it has the following characteristics:
1. High content of AL2O3, "29.5%
Second, the salinity is low, only 50%, while the salinity of ordinary polyaluminum is about 90%
Third, water insoluble matter is small, only 0.3%, while ordinary polyaluminum is more than 2%.
Fourth, the color is white and pure, except for AL +, it does not contain any heavy metals. After the product is turned into water, the aqueous solution is clear and transparent, without any color, while the ordinary polyaluminum aqueous solution is yellow or brown.
V. Low iron content, which is easy to dissolve at low temperature. It is used in oil-water separation and other projects.

Production process of white polyaluminum chloride:
White polyaluminum chloride is atomized into tiny particles while being dried. This granular dosage form has good application performance. Polyaluminum chloride is a water-soluble substance, which has better thermal stability and higher solubility. During the drying process, a 40% -50% solid aluminum polychloride solution is introduced into a high-pressure pump and pressurized. After entering the atomizer in the desiccator, it is atomized and dispersed into tiny mist droplets. After the droplets are dried, a granular product is obtained, so that drying and granulation are completed at the same time.

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