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Polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

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Polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

The water purification plant specializes in the production of polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment, which is a water purification agent for coal washing wastewater in the wastewater treatment industry and ground washing wastewater in coal-fired power plants.

Since polyacrylamide is the most widely used artificial flocculant, this precipitation method has become an important method for solid-liquid separation of particles that are not easy to settle in the water treatment industry due to its simplicity and high separation efficiency. Acrylamide is a relatively good flocculant. Its properties directly affect the flocculation effect, and then determine the subsequent process and the quality of the effluent. Therefore, it must be continuously developed to meet the increasingly complex requirements of wastewater components.

Features and applications
Characteristics of polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

1. Quickly form large flocs, alum flowers are large and compact, the amount of sludge is small and the flocculation and sedimentation speed is fast;

2. Dissolve quickly and thoroughly without insoluble matter (fish eyes); the product in powder state dissolves for about 5-10 minutes;

3. Economic and practical-small dosage, good effect, high dehydration rate; low running cost, low dosage can produce effective effects and high dehydration performance, very economical;

4. Excellent filtration and dehydration improve the dewatering effect of sludge;

5. Suitable for industrial water supply, municipal sewage, chemical wastewater, mining and other industrial fields of water treatment can accelerate the sedimentation rate of sediments, and because the synthetic flocs are easy to filter to improve dehydration efficiency.

6. On-site debugging or beaker experiments should be performed according to different conditions to obtain the best use conditions and determine the best product and dosage;

Product packaging

Granular powder product: 25kg paper bag (inside the plastic bag is a plastic kraft paper bag).

In order to make the wastewater rapidly settle in the concentration tank, to ensure that the qualified wastewater treatment effect is better, and to make the production run efficiently and economically, a suitable flocculant: polyacrylamide must be selected to strengthen the wastewater treatment. Production practice in recent years has proven that polypropylene phthalamide has a better effect on wastewater treatment, can accelerate the sedimentation of wastewater, and can help filter press production.

Notes on the use of polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

1. The granular powder product is hygroscopic, and the remaining medicine after opening the package should be sealed and stored again.

2. The product is usually stored in a plastic-lined paper bag. In a dry and well-ventilated condition, it is recommended that the granular powder product be used within one year and the maximum validity period is two years.

3. The dissolved flocculant should be used within 24 hours after dissolution. If 2-3 days have passed, the viscosity will decrease and the function will decrease.

4. It is recommended to wear goggles, work gloves or other safety devices when using these products for a long time or repeated use in order to avoid “skin contact”, and you should also wash your face and hands after each operation.

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